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Unlike traditional analytics platforms, the MDClone ADAMS Platform is the only self-service environment that enables a dynamic process for exploration, collaboration, and action:

+  Accelerate research and test theories immediately

+  Identify gaps and variances in patient care

+  Improve operations while saving costs

Bypass mediators and IRB approval 

+  Utilize synthetic data 

+  Collaborate worldwide 

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Put your healthcare organization on a continuous learning path
powering faster research, discovery, and collaboration.

Overcome Common Healthcare Barriers

For Operations and Quality

Access an unfiltered view of data impacting performance and quality so you can dig deeper into the insights you need to improve patient care and population health. 

For Innovation

Access a secure and controlled environment enabling you to work directly with 3rd parties, outside vendors, and external healthcare organizations who share a common interest or project, to conduct research and share controlled data together, in a completely revolutionary, new way. 

For Research

Within the platform, ask questions, adjust queries, explore trends and patterns, identify outliers, and share healthcare data freely with synthetic data capabilities. 

Navigating data in a health system is challenging, expensive, and time consuming. Overcome siloed systems, complex data models, unstructured data, privacy regulations, and ultimately, limited support by exploring data independently and instantly.

“Every moment of every day, there is a missed opportunity to use data to improve healthcare.” 

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MDClone is a technology firm focused on unlocking healthcare data and empowering exploration, discovery, and collaboration to improve patients health.

Founded in 2016 in Israel and headquartered in Beer Sheba, MDClone has partnered with major health systems, government entities, payers, and life science companies around the world. Current partners include Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Intermountain Healthcare, the Regenstrief Institute, the VHA Innovation Ecosystem, The National Institutes of Health, The Ottawa Hospital, and Jewish-General Hospital in North America. In Israel, MDClone serves 100% of the Israeli healthcare market. 

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